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Mohammed Baqer

2 mins read

What and Why PWA ( Progressive Web App )?

We will learn how to build a performant PWA using Svelte. We will also learn how to use the latest web technologies to build a PWA that is fast, responsive, and engaging

What is a PWA ?

It's something between the natvie apps and web where you can use the web technologies to build a native app like experience.

What you get ?

  • Native app like experience ( Full screen, Splash screen, Push notifications, Offline support, etc )
  • App published to all platformes ( Web, Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Linux ) in single code base

advantages of PWA in deep dive

1. Offline Accessibility:

PWAs allow users to access content even when offline, enabling seamless learning experiences without requiring a constant internet connection.

Example of youtube uses offline screens where there are no internet connection

youtube offline

2. Improved Performance:

PWAs are designed to be fast and responsive, providing a smooth user experience. This is crucial for user interactivity.

3. Cross-Platform Compatibility:

PWAs work seamlessly across various devices and platforms, ensuring a consistent experience for users whether they are on desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones.

4. Engagement through Push Notifications:

Keep users informed and engaged with push notifications. Alert them about new courses, upcoming events, or important updates, enhancing user engagement.

5. Installation-Free Experience:

PWAs eliminate the need for users to download and install applications from app stores. This reduces friction and encourages quicker adoption of your teaching platform.

6. Cost-Effective Development:

Developing a PWA can be more cost-effective compared to building native apps for multiple platforms. It streamlines the development process and allows for easier maintenance.

7. User Retention:

The immersive and app-like experience offered by PWAs can contribute to higher user retention rates, as users are more likely to return to a platform that provides a smooth and engaging experience.

Series: Writing Performant PWA

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  • What and Why PWA ( Progressive Web App )?